Rental Property Inspection

What is Rental Property Inspection?

An inspection done by either the landlord or the tenant is known as a Rental Property Inspection. The home inspection is primarily done to check for defects in the rental property like structural integrity, material quality, size & proportions and fitting & finishing. The rental home inspection is very beneficial for both tenant and landlord as it provides in depth knowledge to the either party on the condition of the rental home, so that appropriate action can be taken.A rental home inspectional also gives important information about how the tenant has been using the property. The landlord can catch hold of the tenant if they are using the property for some illegal activities.

Why Choose Propchk for Rental Property Inspection Service?

PropChk offers world class Rental Home Inspection service and provides a full gamut of services which matches global standards. 

PropChk’s home inspectors are well trained and are experts in inspecting rental properties. During the inspection, the home inspector will check whether your project is completed within the defined guidelines set out in the Scope of Work and this serves as a set of guardrails for the project based on the owner’s expectations with our 400+ quality checkpoints.

We at Propchk understand your needs and be honest with our findings which can add value and benefit our clients in a genuine way possible.


Our Rental Property Inspection Service is tailored to cater to every kind of home unit. The thorough and extensive check conducted would ensure a 99% guarantee of identifying all possible defects.


PropChk will provide you with a detailed inspection report outlining the issues, if any along with the pictures and a 360 degree video of your rental home.

Propchk Rental Inspection Process ( includes the process, areas you check and tools u use )

The rental property inspection service by PropChk is a fairly simple process. The tenant or landlord needs to sign up on our website of mobile application with their name, email id and mobile number and book a rental property inspection service by entering few basic details of the property like address, property type (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK etc.) and the size. They also need to enter their preferred time and date of the inspection. Our Home inspection team would then assign a home inspector who would visit the premises on the fixed date and time.


The process consists of following checkpoints.


Structural Integrity: 

It is imperative for the tenant to check for any defects in the house before they move. From a landlord’s point of view this is equally important before a hy tenant vacates a house so they can penalize the tenants for any defects. Structural problems like little cracks, tiny leaks, and moisture in the ceiling or a deep vibration when a door is closed a little hard can result in costly repairs. Our home inspectors go through the entire home, ensuring that everything is built well and is safe. You don’t want to be filling in wall cracks with putty two months after you move in to a rental house.


Material Quality:

We believe that a beautiful all-white interior can be extremely deceptive. In fact, there are few things more frustrating than crumbly plaster that powders down and leaves you sweeping one spot for an hour. This is where home inspectors come in. They not only ensure that the plaster has been mixed and applied properly, but also check if the tile quality is worth the price you are paying for it. 


Fitting and Finishing:

A well tiled, squeaky clean rental house is a wonderful experience. That doesn’t last long if the tiles have been laid unevenly. The dirt and grit accumulate quickly, especially with a toddler running around, feet covered in baby food. Home inspections aren’t intended to merely check the quality of the building; the materials used, fixtures, fittings, doors, angles, and every other aspect that makes living in a house a great experience, are inspected very carefully.


Tools used in our rental house inspection are the following:-


Measuring Tape: A steel tape marked in meters and feet and divided

into cm and inches. Usually used by a person to measure the length

and width.


Right Angled Scales: It is used to check if  the room corners are in right



Spirit level: This is the most important tool with the help of which the degree

of movement of the bubble can be determined between any two surfaces.

Typically this tool is used to check the levels.


Laser meter: Hold the device firmly against your chosen starting point. This may

be a wall, floor or inside of a door frame. Turn the laser distance measure on and

point it where you would like to measure. Press the measure button.

Keep the laser still until the measurement appears on the screen.


Thermal Camera: Thermal image capturing makes leak detection more

efficient and simpler, especially when the searched spot is hidden.

Thus, breaking open walls and floors “on suspicion” becomes unnecessary. Thermal

imaging takes advantage of the fact that leaking water shows a different temperature

than the environment.


Tripod stand: Tripods are used for both motion and still photography to

Prevent camera movement and provide stability.


TDS meter: A small hand-held device used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids

in a solution, usually water. Since dissolved ionized solids, such as salts and

minerals, increase the conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter measures

the conductivity of the solution and estimates the TDS from that reading.


Tester screwdriver: Touch the tip of the tester screwdriver to the wire you’re

testing, being sure to hold the tester screwdriver’s insulated handle. Look at

the handle of the screwdriver. If the small neon light in the handle lights up,

there is power going to the circuit. Otherwise the circuit is dead.


Mallet: A mallet is a block on a handle, which is used to check for hollowness

In tiles or wall surfaces.


Digital multi-meter: A digital multi-meter is a test tool used to measure two

or more electrical values—principally voltage (volts), current (amps) and

resistance (ohms). It is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the

electrical/electronic industries.


Ricoh 360 Camera: This camera is used for a 360 degree view of a property

which is more effective than pictures. 

Our Rental Inspection Features & Benefits

Move-in Rental-propchck-delhi

Move-in Rental Inspection


PropChk’s rental property inspection service is tailormade for tenants moving in to their new rental home. The home inspectors make sure that every nook and corner of the house is well checked for any defects, measurement deficits and structural completeness. The tenant can rely on Propchk’s exhaustive inspection report and take an informed decision on moving in their new rental property.

Move-out Rental Inspection


When you rent your property to a tenant, you enter into an agreement which states the rules that the tenants need to follow. Propchk’s rental home inspection services makes sure that the tenants are not misusing the house for any illegal activities and there are no alterations or modifications being made to the house.

Move-in Rental-propchck-delhi
Move-in Rental-propchck-delhi

Periodic Rental Inspections


Periodic rental property inspection prevents major damages to your rental home. As they say “Prevention is better than Cure”, the same aplies in case of your home as well. Some of the defects if identified early like seepages, wiring issues etc. could avoid big repair bills.

Our Rental Inspection Pricing

Propchk’s rental home inspection service starts at an nominal amount of INR 7,500. We have a dynamic pricing structure wherein, the price varies on the basis of the property size. For e.g. the inspection cost for a 3 BHK rental property with a size of 2250 sq ft would be INR 12,500 and with every 500 sq ft increase in size resulting in the price increasing by INR 1000.


The base slabs for the rental property inspection servic are given below:-


1 BHK – INR 6,000

2 BHK – INR 8,500

3 BHK – INR 10,000

3 BHK+ – INR 12,000

Villa – INR 16,000

What to Do After Rental Inspection Ended With Negative Results?

In case the inspection report has a negative rating of your rental house, you can take the report and ask your landlord to fix the defects before you move in.


In the case of a landlord, a negative home inspection report can help you claim damage costs from the tenant or you can deduct the same from the tenant’s security deposit.

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With Propchk Rental Property Inspection Services, getting a rental property inspection is hassle-free and quick!


A rental property inspection is a procedure carried out by a set of experts, who visually examine every facet of your new, to-be home. Experts come in with specialized tools and the latest tech to inspect every inch of your house, from floor to ceiling. They use the latest software and hardware to make sure that their reports are accurate. 

Propchk’s home inspectors are well trained and specialize in providing home inspection services to customers. There are 400+ checkpoints covered in the inspection service.

It typical takes about 3-4 hours to conduct the inspection depending on the unit type and size of your rental home.

No documents are required to be submitted before the inspection.

We cover all areas of your rental house including the following:-

All Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Srea, Lobby, Kitchen, All Toilets, Balconies, Utilities and Study Rooms

The rental home inspection service starts at INR 6,000 and can vary depending on the unit type and size.

A detailed inspection report would be provided to the customer after the inspection is completed. The report would rate the property on 400+ checkpoints and would provide pictures of the defective areas along with a 360 degree tour of the property.

It is recommended that someone should be there while the inspection is taking place so that the home inspector can have easy access to the areas inside the unit.

Download Home Inspection Guide


Download Home Inspection Guide